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Jane Reid, B.A. (Hons), D.A.H.Hyp. LIHA (Reg. Hyp.)dip FLP, CACR.

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The iceberg is a wonderful metaphor for the mind, showing the ratio of subconscious, represented by the part under the water, to the conscious part, the part we see, above the water. ______________


Please note that you are not unconscious during trance but in a state f relaxed awareness, as you would be during a daydream. You will also remember your session.

Hypnotherapy is quite different to stage hypnosis and should not be compared with it. 


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Six therapy sessions for the price of 5. Ask for details.


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Are you feeling stuck, sad or anxious?  Does worry affect your ability to enjoy your life? Do you want to change the way you think and feel and live the life you would love but have never thought possible?

 I can help you overcome such issues as depression, low self esteem, grief and trauma, self sabotage and its many permutations. I can also help you gain a wonderful sense of clarity, empowerment and resolution as you adopt new ways of thinking.

Here are just some of the issues I can help you with:

*Stress, *Anxiety, *Worry, *Insecurity, *Jealousy, *Fear, *Grief  *Trauma, *Sadness, *Panic attacks, *Smoking, *Weight gain, *Weight loss, *Nail Biting, *Being in a rut, *Procrastination, *Sensitivity to criticism, *Frustration, *Mood swings, *Concentration, *Exams, *Success/failure issues, *Assertiveness, *Motivation, *Creative blocks, *Public speaking, *Performance, *Interviews, *Future-planning, *Decision-making, *Health anxiety, *Hypersensitivity, *Hypochondria, *High blood pressure, *Headaches/migraines, *IBS, *ME, *Fibromyalgia and Stress-related health conditions, Unexplained aches and pains, *Insomnia, *Phobias, *Unwanted habits, *Self sabotage, *Allergies, *Relationship issues and many more.

Holistic Hypnotherapy is an effective and life-changing therapy which respects and honours the individual as a unique being, of remarkable potential. It seeks to work with the client's uniqueness and life views, while opening them up, in safety and in comfort, to a broader and more satisfying awareness of the possibilities of their life.




Hypnosis is simply a state of focus, in which we can suspend our beliefs and allow our imagination to change how we think and feel.  Would you believe that you are in trance when watching TV, listening to the radio, reading, those times when you are driving and you do everything automatically, or when you are daydreaming? The Hypnotherapist induces this natural state of hypnosis to assist you in bringing about positive therapeutic changes. These changes are effective because they work through the subconscious.





Normally we manage to balance our everyday concerns, our goals and ambitions, our physical and mental health and relationships with the demands of the changing world around us. Sometimes incorrect choices, unforeseen problems, negative messages from the outside, pressures, losses, illness, finding ourselves doing things we don't want to do, and all the variables of human life, combined with our beliefs and inner messages can result in feelings of stress and pressure.  Everything gets too much and our usual methods of coping are no longer working.  It is at times like this that Hypnotherapy can help to free things up so that positive changes can happen.


Audio CD's or mp3 recordings and tasks are sometimes given between sessions in order to reinforce the therapy between appointments. The number of required sessions is usually recommended by the therapist at the consultation on the first appointment.  It is important to understand that the therapist is facilitating the change. It is really the client who is doing the work.




Your conscious mind is your thinking mind. The part of you that carries out the tasks and deals with everyday life, but it is the information within your subconscious that actually runs your life without you being aware of it.

Your subconscious accounts for more than 90% of your mind and it holds everything beyond your conscious awareness.  Despite your logical left brain thinking, your emotional mind, ruled by the right brain is more governed by emotions and feelings and it is these that control how you experience life, regardless of what you want to do or what you try to tell yourself.  This is why simply deciding to do something is not as easy as it seems. Another important thing to remember is that the memory is never completely accurate. In fact your memories change every time you think about them.  Hypnotherapy can change how you see those memories and as you reframe them, you can begin to remember past events in an empowering way so that they longer control you.


How you feel about yourself stems from your personality type, your genetics, your background and environment, and importantly, the messages you have received from parents, from peers, from the world around you, from the things that have happened to you and your perceptions of these events.


Your mind seeks to protect you in the best way it can. It does this very efficiently, but sometimes the programmes running, work on incorrect beliefs or beliefs that are no longer appropriate to your life as it is now. You may notice that often you will try to improve your life but tend to slip back into old ways, always getting the same results. This can be most frustrating and it happens because your subconscious is still running on old programmes. Not only this, but the way others respond to you is a reflection of this programming because it affects how you communicate and how you are perceived.  Have you noticed that you attract the same kinds of situations over and over again?  This happens because you are projecting these unconscious beliefs out into the world.


This is where a hypnotherapist can help, by adjusting that programming and changing it for the better, allowing the subconscious to find better solutions and freeing you up to experience your true potential. The reason Holistic Hypnotherapy is effective is because it works with the whole person, via the subconscious, changing self-defeating patterns and replacing them with new and positive ones which really work for you. The improvements can be surprising, enlightening, far-reaching and truly life changing.


Please note that hypnotherapy has nothing whatsoever to do with stage hypnotism, and you are fully conscious throughout. You are always in control and can come out of hypnosis any time you wish. Many of your sessions with me will involve relaxation, the use of guided imagery, memory reframing and techniques which allow you to use your imagination.  Note however, that you do not have to be relaxed, for hypnotherapy to be effective.


Every person's therapy will be unique. I find the way of working that suits you best and we will discuss your progress at each appointment. You may just need one or two sessions or I may recommend more. Once you are happy with your life and feeling great, you can call me any time for a top-up session during periods of stress and/or to keep you on track,  or to work on a particular issue.


£80 per session. £50 discount for block booking of 6 sessions (£430).



Book your Initial FREE 15 minute chat now.  If I am unavailable please leave a message with your name and details and I will return your call.






Tel: 07398 583776


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"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think"



* Disclaimer: Please note that I am not medically qualified and that anyone requiring medical advice regarding a health condition should consult the appropriate health professional.





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Phone me on 07398 583776 for a FREE chat

Escape from the stress and worry of daily life, take a deep breath, be transported to a beautiful place where you can experience complete relaxation and allow me to help you make those positive changes.

What my clients say

"The hypnotherapy has made a major difference to my ability to handle stress and given me lots more confidence. Your soothing  and reassuring voice relaxes me and assures me that you have my well being at heart. Your genuine concern for the client shines through in all that you say and do.  After being sceptical at first, day by day I am pleasantly surprised by the continuing beneficial effects of this therapy." CB, Cambs

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all my therapy ....  I feel a hundred times better than when I first came to see you. The CD's have been so inspiring and I really feel like I'm finding my way again. I'm feeling so much more confident and positive. It's quite unbelievable how my thought patterns are changing without me having to really think about trying to stay positive.  Also, your help and advice along the way has been so encouraging and supportive. I really can't thank you enough." LM, Cheshire

"The Self-esteem CD's were brilliant and being personal to me made them all the more special. People around me noticed the difference in me and how much more confident I had become.

I feel like I am finally in control of my feelings and not the other way round"

JS, Cheshire

"It suddenly struck me how I wasn't getting anxious in certain situations. It was amazing!" CB, Cheshire