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Jane Reid, B.A. (Hons)D.A.H.Hyp. LIHA (Reg. Hyp.) dip FLP, CACR

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I am qualified in Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and FLP and registered with the Hypnotherapy Association UK.


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"The key to happiness is loving yourself"



Have you had problems that therapy does not seem to help with?  Have some things helped you, but the effects have not really reached the root of the problem? Have you expected someone to wave that magic wand and do the work for you? Have you been afraid of confronting the real issues and are still unsure? 

If the answer is 'Yes' then Inner Child may be for you. When you feel finally ready to do the work, in a supportive and caring environment, contact me and we will work together.


What is the Inner Child?

The Inner Child is a part of your consciousness, the inner childlike aspect of yourself that is isolated from your conscious mind, as a result of childhood traumas or difficulties or parenting issues.  You may have told yourself or been told by others that the things that happened in the past were not that serious. On looking back, some of these events may have appeared unimportant at the time, but as a child, we were not being able to process these experiences and dealt with them in the only way we could.  In an attempt to protect ourselves, we may have created defences, misperceptions and a sense of isolation which has led to difficulties in later life.  The strategies we used as a child are no longer appropriate to the adult but because they are governed by our subconscious programming, they are still affecting us and we are unable to change them with the conscious mind.

No amount of saying we will try, or that we should take heart, think positively, make an effort, man up, be strong etc will make the difference and this can be very frustrating when we really want to change.

The belief behind our actions is “I am not enough”. Not good enough, not strong enough, not clever enough, not rich enough, not slim enough.

Whatever we do, we have the idea that others may have achieved success and happiness, but that it lies beyond us. That we are flawed. And behind this often lies a sense of shame. For many, this is hard to acknowledge consciously. Often in families, there is secrecy and an unwillingness to look at these patterns and change them, and we have to make the decision to take that journey and step outside the environment, to do this work in order to not only change our own patterns but to help make a positive contribution to the world around us.  But first we must attend to ourselves and acknowledge that Inner Child within us.

When we have Inner Child issues, whether we are outwardly successful or not, later in life, we experience a sense of dissatisfaction because of how we feel about ourselves. This can manifest as depression and anxiety, abusive relationships or bullying by others, work problems, self-sabotage, difficulty with relationships, addictions, money problems,  recurring health problems, self-esteem and confidence issues, a fear of failure or success, difficulty speaking out, feeling disconnected from others, putting ones needs first or last, and so much more… Where there has been major trauma or abuse, these problems can sometimes seem overwhelming and life changing but for others there is a sense of never being enough, or never quite getting it right, no matter how hard we try.

Inner Child Therapy uses Holistic Hypnotherapy, combined with related techniques to assist you in connecting with, re-parenting and nurturing your Inner Child, thus facilitating increased self-esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

You will receive recordings and lessons to work with between sessions and be shown how to access and communicate with your inner child.  We will be using hypnosis, NLP, Imagery work and guided visualisation, EFT, journaling, writing therapy, mindfulness and breathing techniques and more.

The therapy consists of 7 sessions:

SESSION 1 – Creating a Safe Foundation

Session 1 is about creating a place of safety for you. Here we talk about your life story.  What have been the major issues for you?  What do you need help with? What are your goals? How has it been for you and how are you feeling now? We talk about recurring themes and issues and the specific goals you have for the future.  We talk about the coping strategies that your inner child has been using for many years which were meant to protect you but which now hold you back.  I explain the importance of working with the subconscious, how your old programmes have been running your life and how we can change this through Inner Child Work. I explain to you what ‘reparenting’ is and gently introduce to you the techniques I use.

SESSION 2 – Gathering your Resources

In this session I introduce you to a process called your ‘Personal Peace Procedure’ which we will use throughout the course and I show you coping strategies and techniques you can use for yourself, as and when you need to. We talk about resources such as journaling, creating your special box, using props, photographs, meaningful objects, finding your safe place at home. We discuss playfulness, reading, writing, self-expression, nature and art. What makes you happy and what does your inner child really want from you?  You receive a hypnosis session to work with stress, which will help you to gently release emotions that have been held in check for a long time. This deeply relaxing, de-stressing session allows you to soak up a sense of safety and 'let go' in a supportive environment.  You will be given a copy of this recording to listen to at home, for the next two weeks.

SESSION 3 – Transforming the Past

We continue working with your Personal Peace Procedure list and talk about your beliefs. Are you different? What do you believe about yourself?  I will show you how to use breathing techniques and mindfulness in your everyday life. Using EFT, NLP, Hypnosis, and related techniques, we will be working on seeing past memories from a different perspective and creating that connection with your Inner Child. Throughout the course, this is done at a gentle pace that suits you.

SESSION 4 – The Importance of Self Love

For many, the idea of loving the self is difficult. We talk about the importance of self-love and how the relationship with the self is the relationship that will determine our relationship with all others.  The question is “Am I enough?”  If not, why, and what do I need to change? What is underneath this idea of the imperfect self and do we have to be perfect?  We discuss the inner critic, gratitude, neurotransmitters and more.  I introduce you to your inner child with a session you will also listen to at home.

SESSION 5 – Finding True Connection

How do we want to be?  How can we create it?  We examine the progress you have made with your home sessions and journal. In this session we talk about sensitivity. Does it hinder us or is it a good thing? We look at the labels we have given ourselves, discuss self-esteem, relationships, attachments and endings and how to work effectively with affirmations.

SESSION 6 – Uncovering your Magic

This session is about removing obstacles and empowering the inner child. We talk about overcoming fears and embracing life.  We also talk about our personal story and compare it to ‘The Hero’s Journey’. This session deals further with the principles and practice of transforming negative thinking, changing our focus of attention, and putting that into practice.

 SESSION 7 – Carrying your Light Forwards

Here we discuss the journey you have taken and the progress you have made, in connecting with your inner child. We work with your long-term goals and reinforce your positive attitude, again working further to clear and detox emotions, bring in the positive and remove any objections to your success. I invite you to carry this light forward now and be the person you are meant to be.

Hypnotherapy, EFT/Matrix Reimprinting or NLP will also be included in this course where necessary. With the seven sessions of Inner Child Therapy, you will have laid the foundation for creating a lifelong loving relationship with your inner child which will allow you to begin to truly love yourself, boost your confidence and self-esteem, transform long-held beliefs and release many of the emotions you have carried into adult life as a result. You will also have a collection of powerful, therapeutic recordings, lessons and techniques that you can refer to and use whenever you need them in the future. Each therapy session is 60-90 minutes.  Please note that each session may vary as it is tailored to the individual.  Cost - £560  (£480 if fully paid for in advance, saving £80)


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The Inner Child Course facilitated our connection with our Inner Child, giving us therapeutic techniques we can use for ourselves, building confidence and self-esteem to help us deal with the events and traumas of the past. Inner Child 1 is the beginning of our own re-parenting of ourselves and a lifelong positive connection with the ‘inner child’ within us.

Having now built up a body of lessons, recordings and therapeutic skills for self-healing and empowerment, you are invited to take this further. Inner Child 2 helps you to move forward positively by introducing you more deeply to powerful healing techniques, visualisations, guided journeys and tapping therapy. Hypnotherapy recordings are given between sessions. The course runs as follows:

1) Personal Peace Procedure – this is a list of all the things that have created discomfort or conflict within us. You created this list in the first course, and now we work with it to resolve these issues further and reframe the events of the past in order to transform limiting beliefs. We will also deal with the changes that have come up and how to integrate them, using EFT. We will continue to work with this list during the next nine sessions.

2) Developing Resilience and working with Affirmations – What do we do when life gets hard? Here we examine depression and anxiety and introduce practical lessons on human needs and what makes us happy.

3) Clearing our energy and bringing in the light - releasing attachments, parts work and mind body healing. Do you feel somehow affected by the negative relationships in the past?  Do you feel a part of you is wounded or impure?  We work now to clear and release negative energy through prayer, tapping and powerful visualisation.

4) Gratitude & Abundance – We visit our models of abundance and reshape them so that we feel fully worthy of the life we want. We learn how gratitude and trust bring into our lives those things we desire by changing our focus of attention.

5) Working with Addictions and Compulsions We examine and explore habits and addictions that we have not yet dealt with fully.

6) Re-Nurturing & Remodelling our Internal Family Map – We work with our model of mother and father to create a really empowering one that we can carry with us for life. This has positive effects on any family relationships we currently have, and releases the tensions, judgements and conflicts created in our relationships with parents. We go back to our birth and walk through our timeline with love and empowerment.

7) Ancestral Healing & working with Grief - We reframe our feelings about those we have lost, connect with our ancestors to heal those who went before us and bring that energy back into the present.

8) Mind/Body Wellbeing - Practical exercises to enhance our daily energy and feel good. We also look at  lifestyle and exercise, diet, foods, supplements and complementary therapies to see what works for us.

9) Experiencing The Magic Here, we work with hypnosis to access our inner wisdom and guidance and clear any deeper emotions that may have been more difficult to access early on. We change our focus of attention and connect with our spiritual selves, to allow our lives to unfold. We are invited, through our new perspective,  to dissolve any ideas we may have carried that we are destined to re-experience the traumas and expectations of the past. This becomes daily practice

 10) Goals & Future Timeline –  Again we work on further emotional clearing if needed. We re-address self acceptance and being enough, integrate what we have learnt, set goals, work with our timeline and visualise stepping into the fulfilling future we truly deserve.

Inner Child 2 is available to clients who have undertaken the Inner Child 1 Course and consists of 10 sessions.  Each session is 60 to 90 minutes long. Lessons and recordings may be given as homework. Cost £800 or £720, if fully paid for in advance, saving £80.

Please note that every individual is different. Many people find all they need from Inner Child 1. For those who have had enduring childhood and adulthood trauma or those who wish to work further on personal development and integration, Inner Child 2 is recommended. Please be be aware that accessing, nurturing and integrating the inner child can require dedication and patience white emotions are processed and transformed. The client is invited to have breaks during either course, when needed and to benefit from continued support, afterwards, via one-off sessions, as and when required, to keep them on track and nurture them through the positive life changes ahead.


All appointments must be pre-paid by phone or bank transfer. Phone me on 07398 583776 to arrange appointment. If I am unavailable, please leave a text message or e-mail with your name and details and I will return your call.



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"It's never too late to have a happy childhood"

Did you have an unhappy childhood?

Did you miss out on the support, love and understanding of one or both parents in early life?

Have you suffered abuse or trauma or bullying when young?

Are you sensitive to criticism or easily upset by the things other people say?

Do you lack self confidence?

Do you find it hard to like yourself sometimes?

Do you feel you are not good enough?

Do you have addictive or compulsive habits?

Do you experience dependence or control issues in relationships?

Do you suffer from health issues or health  anxiety?

Have you suffered  from back or muscular pain,  Fibromyalgia, ME, IBS, or stress related conditions?

Do you feel uncomfortable showing your emotions or do you show your emotions too much?

Does hugging embarrass you?

Do you still dwell on difficult childhood memories?

If you have said yes to five or more of these, then Inner Child Therapy may be for you.