Inner Child Therapy in Warrington, Cheshire.

Jane Reid, B.A. (Hons)D.A.H.Hyp. LHA (Reg. Hyp.) dip FLP, CACR

Do you want to change your life for the better? Find out how these powerful  techniques can make the difference

I am qualified in Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and FLP and registered with the Hypnotherapy Association UK.


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"The key to happiness is loving yourself"


Inner Child Therapy uses Holistic Hypnotherapy, combined with related techniques to allow you to connect with and nurture your Inner Child, thus facilitating increased self esteem, confidence and wellbeing.

The therapy consists of 7 sessions

SESSION 1 - We begin by addressing those areas in which you require greater confidence. This is the 'can do' session. It is followed by an analysis which examines your negative conditioning from early childhood. You are able to take your CD home for listening to reinforce your confidence boost therapy.

SESSION 2  - Your second hypnosis session works with stress. gently releasing emotions that have been held in check for a long time. This deeply relaxing, de-stressing session allows you to soak up a sense of safety and 'let go' in a supportive environment. After this, we talk about those negative beliefs and examine their source. I will work with you on these beliefs and show you how to change them so you can start looking at things differently. You receive a CD to work with at home.

SESSION 3 - We explore your childhood in all its aspects and prepare you for the main session working with your Inner Child.

SESSION 4 - Using guided imagery and soothing music, we take you on a journey to meet you Inner Child. You receive a CD to take home and given full instructions on how to work with this and keep your Inner Child Diary over the next four weeks.

SESSION 5 - We examine the progress you have made with your home sessions and diary. You then receive a session to boost your self esteem and remove the negative labels given by yourself and others, replacing them with positive new suggestions which will help you recognise your strengths, talents and positive traits. This session boosts your positivity and addresses your ways of dealing with people, opening out the way for success in your endeavours. You receive a CD for home listening.

  SESSION 6 - Using Timeline Realignment (TLR) we work with your timeline to put the past behind you, get you into present and show you a positive and attainable future.

SESSION 7 - Here we work with your long term goals, and reinforce your positive attitude, removing any objections to your success. This session also includes a CD to take home.

EFT/Matrix Reimprinting or NLP will also be included in this course where necessary. At the end of this life-transforming therapy, not only will you feel amazing, you will have built up a collection of powerful, therapeutic CD's which you can use when you need them in the future. Each therapy session is 60-90 minutes.



A course of Inner Child Therapy is £60 per session (£420) or £350, if paid in total, in advance (saving £70).


For a free chat about whether Inner Child Therapy could help you, and/or to make your appointment  contact Jane Reid on

01925 357228




Appointments must be pre-paid. Phone to arrange appointment. If I am unavailable please leave a message with your name and details and I will return your call.




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"It's never too late to have a happy childhood"

Did you have an unhappy childhood?

Have you suffered abuse or trauma when young?

Are you sensitive to criticism or easily upset by the things other people say?

Do you lack self confidence?

Do you find it hard to like yourself sometimes?

Did you miss out on the support, love and understanding of one or both parents in early life?

Do you feel uncomfortable showing your emotions?

Does hugging embarrass you?

If you have said yes to three or more of these, then Inner Child Therapy may be for you.

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