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"I had a remarkable foot reading by Jane Reid and was blown away by the personal and health information she was able to give me! Highly recommended" JO
"I am extremely impressed with the reading and feel you are very gifted"  AN
I just had a foot reading & can't believe how accurate it was! All from photos! Absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend it  DP
“Wow Jane this is absolutely amazing and extremely accurate with how things have been” DL

I really appreciate the advice you have given me.  JT

Wow the accuracy specific to my work life and character were spot on. Love the caring delivery and gentle helpful suggestions for resolving issues CTF

“I had a foot reading done by the lovely Jane today and OMG she was completely spot on accurate about my personality traits, passions, work life and relationships. It was so fascinating to gain so much information about me from just the way my toes are angled and the lines on my feet.  ...  I would highly recommend Jane services.” LAB






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Foot Reading



Foot reading has been practised in ancient Egypt, China and India and versions of it can also be found in other cultures. From a scientific perspective, we know that we inherit physical features along with personality characteristics from our parents and grandparents and aspects of our feet, such as comparative toe lengths, are also said to provide clues about our ancestral origins deep in the past.


With the increasing popularity of foot therapies such as Reflexology and Thai and Chinese Foot Massage, there has been increasing curiosity about how we can observe both health and personality through the feet. Certainly, genetic and health conditions can be shown though the shape, colour, temperature, skin and nails of the hands and feet and it is logical that our feet, having carried us through life, can also provide clues to our personality, traits and tendencies. We can certainly see that the wearing of particular shoes affects the feet, but foot conditions and characteristics can be influenced by so many other factors within the person. For example, people often believe bunions are a result of ill fitting shoes, but they are found equally in people who wear comfortable, sensible shoes or even no shoes at all.


The Chinese belief in energy meridians within feet and hands, bears out the idea that feet are a reflection of our health, temperament and thinking. As we express ourselves, so our hands and feet give us glimpses into the nature of this expression. Relaxed and easy thinking comes with relaxed feet with nicely spaced toes whereas conflict is expressed by all manner of bumps and toe directions, which may often be temporary and some life long. From month to month however, subtle changes can be observed in our feet. In fact, observing our own feet can show us how we are responding to what is happening in our lives.



Foot Reading in Person

Appointments are in Warrington only. Please send me foot photos in advance and phone me to make your appointment.  A foot reading in person comes with a short reflection on an inspirational card for insights into issues occuring for you at this time. Please send quality photos of bottom, top and sides of both feet before hand.  Please come with clean feet, as they are. You can use nail polish but this may conceal nail features which could be useful to observe. This also applies to hard skin or callouses which can be observed to give a more accurate reading.  £25


Foot Reading by e-mail or Facebook

Send clear photos of feet looking down, from the sides and from the bottom (please ask a partner or friend to take the latter). Photos must be taken in a good light. (Please ask if you prefer your reading by post) - £25


Family Foot Reading by e-mail or Facebook

Send clear photos of feet looking down, from the sides and from the bottom . Photos must be taken in a good light. (Please ask if you prefer your reading by post)

Family Reading - 2-4 people - £35
Each extra person after 4, £10 extra

Please ask for payment link



Feet photos should be of good quality and showing the feet in the positions below: Side views are also useful.




Talks workshops and Foot Reading Parties available. 

Please enquire.



Appointments must be pre-paid. Phone to arrange appointment. If I am unavailable please leave a message with your name and details and I will return your call.


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"Just wow!!! I ... was completely blown away but the accuracy and how detailed the feedback was. Both information on my currently condition both mentally and physically, along with brilliant advice to rectify any issues. I highly recommend."  DL

"Jane's reading of my feet was amazing. She mentioned things she did not know about me. I was pleasantly surprised just how detailed her reading was and the way she interpreted what she saw on my feet. She's helped me address a few issues". CN

“I can't believe how much you saw in my feet! Thank you very much!!!” x DP

"I had my feet read by Jane. Amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, having my foot read . It was so true; everything she told me." AW


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