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Jane Reid, B.A. (Hons), D.A.H.Hyp. LHA (Reg. Hyp.), dip FLP, CACR.

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Comments by a psychologist:

"It is about possibilities, potential and taking control of your life rather than focusing on past failures and limitations. It shifts people's attention onto future potential and exploring new possibilities and as we all know, people are more likely to achieve things if they focus on future goals. It's not about forgetting the past but about learning from the past to create a different future."

What my clients say:

"Hi Jane, I would like to thank you for the fantastic experience that you gave me when I came to visit you for Future Life Progression. You made me feel very welcome and at ease and explained yourself and the process perfectly. It was a magical experience and has given me a very good reason to look forward to the future. I cannot thank you enough for your time and the experience and would recommend you and this process to anyone who wishes to gain an insight into the wonderful opportunities that life holds for us. Thank you." MHM, Cheshire.

"I found the Future Life Progression so helpful and enjoyed using it to help me make important decisions regarding my future career,  where to live and even holidays which have all been fabulous. What a wonderful process!  I feel so optimistic about the future for myself and my family. Thank you so much"  GS, Cheshire





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Future Life Progression allows you to tap into your subconscious to help you in creating a more fulfilling future.


As with hypnotherapy, you will enter a state of relaxation, where you will visualise a journey or scene. This can be everything from a trip to a special place where you will travel down a corridor and choose a special door into that future, or a journey on a magic carpet. There are many ways of guiding your subconscious but the experience will be relaxing and pleasant as you drift off into the kind of daydream you experience while reading a book or watching television. You will be talked through this process and will be conscious throughout.


CAREER - For those working in a job that is not ideal. The person may want to know if they can find something better and which talents or interests they should pursue. This is perfect for people who are indecisive about their career path.

SUCCESS AND BIG DECISIONS - Business partnerships and new business ventures - for finding out if it will work out for you or where the potential pitfalls will lie. Also for real estate and the locations for the perfect office or business. FLP is very popular with TV personalities, film stars, people looking for the big break for whom success depends on making the right choices, authors wanting to know what their next book will be, business people looking for the most lucrative project

RELATIONSHIPS - FLP can help people who have had relationship problems or who feel they will always be alone. There may be the ideal person waiting for them. They will gain insights into how this can happen and may even bring it forward. FLP is perfect for finding out if your romantic or business partnership is right for you.

HEALTH - FLP can give warnings about the outcome if a person's lifestyle does not change. Consult your future self to help you change things for the better. Once you make the necessary changes, you can have another session and see the result of these positive choices.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT - FLP can help us to make the right choices for us, to become more focused and positive about what we can achieve and to realise just what we are truly capable of. Through it we can also gain a clearer picture of how we can become the person we aspire to be,  and if we decide to pursue a course of therapy, we can check how we are progressing with this work through FLP.

INSPIRATION FOR WRITERS AND INNOVATORS - Access remarkable stories and write about them. Think up inventions people could use in the future and discover what will be popular. People will wonder where you came up with such amazing information. FLP can be your inspiration. Is it possible that some of the great figures of history who were considered to be ahead of their time, were actually using a form of FLP.

The list is endless!


The answer is no. There are a number of possibilities open to you. The therapist will take you to your most likely future, where your life may be heading, if you carry on as you are, then, if you need to, you will be taken further forward to see how this can develop. Your subconscious will provide insights into what you could do differently and going further down your timeline you can gain the knowledge that will allow you to make positive changes. So many of us wish we knew the outcome of our choices so we could make better choices. FLP helps you to test them out by actually showing you outcomes for different choices.

Many people find the love of their life, the job of their dreams, the house in the perfect neighbourhood, or discover whether a chosen lifestyle is likely to be profitable and bring them happiness. This can be very reassuring to those who feel that life is just repeating itself and they seem to be always waiting forever for things to get better.

The idea of travelling into a past or future life may sound like science fiction, but whether you believe it is a projection of the mind or people are accessing the future, there can be no denying that real insights are gained. Those who experience it can not deny that is can be extremely therapeutic and that what they learn helps them to be more decisive about what they want, start planning for the kind of future they desire and stop procrastinating, because they have either seen that they may waste their time and do not make the most of this gift of life or they have seen themselves achieving great success in the future. Future Life Progression is testimony to the wonderful powers of the subconscious and its ability to guide us to higher levels of awareness that go beyond the ordinary.

The key is, that you use this information and keep in tune with the positive future you have seen. Once you see it, you can actualise it and the results can be surprising. If you have had limiting beliefs and habits for some time, or feel unhappy about your life, further therapy sessions should be considered in order allow you to work on the issues that are holding you back, so that you can become the kind of person you would love to be.  Alternatively, just one session can be a really enjoyable and fascinating experience.


A session of FLP is £120. You need to allow 1-2 hours for your session (including short consultation) and, on request, you will be given a recording afterwards.  Initially we will talk about the life issues that concern you and the goals you wish to work towards. Phone me to make your payment by credit/debit card.

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Appointments must be pre-paid. Phone to arrange appointment. If I am unavailable please leave a message with your name and details and I will return your call.






Cancellation policy - Please note that I am unable to fill your appointment if you make a late cancellation, plus I will have spent time preparing for your session. 24 hours notice is therefore required for cancellation. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not attend your appointment, I can only refund 50% of your fee. 


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Do you worry about the future?

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"My future life progression session with Jane helped me to take a good look at myself and figure out what makes me truly happy in life. I got to try out two alternative futures and see how I felt in each one. This was an amazing feeling as I saw myself very clearly expressing certain emotions that I wasn't aware would come to the surface. It was a remarkable experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone (even doubters!!). Give it a try, but be prepared to be dazzled!"  L.M Cheshire


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