Jane Reid, B.A. (Hons), D.A.H.Hyp. LIHA (Reg. Hyp.) dip FLP, CACR.

Overcome worry and stress, experience deep relaxation, make peace with your past, enjoy your present and create your perfect future. 

Zoom sessions are available & Hypnotherapy CDs can be created to suit your needs. Please ask for details.

"Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are"

 Chinese proverb

Each of my services has its own unique benefits in helping you to get to the root of your problems and experience greater wellbeing and can be classed as 'complementary' as these therapies work well alongside traditional therapies. Please note that there is no substitute for proper medical diagnosis so  please consult your doctor if you have a medical condition.

Special offer for block bookings

Six therapy sessions for the price of 5. Phone payments available..




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The services I offer are recommended for:

  • Deep relaxation

  • Wellbeing and resilience

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Decreased cortisol levels,

  • Improved digestion

  • Self confidence

  • Improved Self esteem

  • Pain reduction

  • Help with chronic health conditions

  • Mental clarity

  • Motivation and Performance

  • Weight Control

  • Stopping Smoking

  • Fears, phobias & unwanted habits

  • Resolution for Childhood Issues

  • Relationship issues

  • Better Sleep

  • Healing for grief, loss and trauma

  • Help with decision-making and goals

  • Improved self understanding

           and more ....

For a chat or to book your appointment, telephone:


01925 357114





"Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us." ― David Richo



* Disclaimer: Please note that I am not medically qualified and that anyone requiring medical advice regarding a health condition should consult the appropriate health professional.




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Phone me on 01925 357114 for a FREE CONSULTATION

Effective help and guidance with the following:  Anxiety, depression and worry, panic attacks, confidence & self esteem issues, fears and phobias,  procrastination, unwanted habits, smoking and weight control and addictions, performance and exam nerves, bullying and childhood abuse, trauma, grief and sadness, mind/body healing, relationships, goals, career, decision-making and worry about the future, life path and spiritual concerns.

What my clients say

"It suddenly struck me how I wasn't getting anxious in certain situations. It was amazing!" CB, Cheshire

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all my therapy ....  I feel a hundred times better than when I first came to see you.  I really can't thank you enough. LM, Cheshire

"The Self-esteem CD's were brilliant and being personal to me made them all the more special. People around me noticed the difference in me and how much more confident I had become.

I feel like I am finally in control of my feelings and not the other way round"

JS, Cheshire