Would you prefer to have your therapy by phone, e-mail or in another way?

Jane Reid, B.A. (Hons), D.A.H.Hyp. LHA (Reg. Hyp.), dip FLP, CACR.

I am happy to help you in whichever way suits you best. You would be surprised how much you can benefit without even having to come to an appointment.

I am qualified in Advanced Holistic Hypnotherapy, NLP EFT & Matrix Reimprinting, Inner RePatterning and FLP and registered with the Hypnotherapy Association UK.

Skype sessions available.



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Not everyone feels comfortable going to see a therapist. Some would like to be seen at home. Few hypnotherapists will do a home visit because it is good for people to move outside their usual environment to a place where they can be peaceful , comfortable and outside their usual routine and a hypnotherapist's office is ideal for this. 


However, if you would like help and prefer to work from the comfort of your home, I can help you, via Skype, e-mail or phone (or even that old system called writing!). I can combine all or any of these. The therapy would require that you complete some questionnaires and keep a journal of your progress and a folder with your homework in it. You may receive hypnotherapy recordings by mp3 or on CD as well as EFT or tapping scripts which are tailored to you and adjusted as your therapy progresses. I can also include Bach flower remedies which are safe, will not clash with any medication and you can take at home to help with emotional regulation. I can offer support by e-mail and by phone at certain times during your therapy.  If at any time, you would like to see me in person, we can arrange this also.


This kind of therapy can be helpful for people who may be housebound, have mobility issues, lack transport or live at a distance, or who are perhaps shy about meeting people face-to-face but may be comfortable writing or talking on the phone. All correspondence and phone calls will be private and all information is confidential.


The truth is, many people feel uncomfortable taking their problems to a stranger or even admitting they have them so this kind of therapy can fill the gap in situations where people would not have therapy in any other way.  Or where they need to contact me to check they are doing their homework correctly in order to get the best results.


Please make sure your sessions (30 mins or 1 hour)  are booked in advance and you will have no interruptions during the session. A landline phone is preferred also.


Contact me for a consultation sheet so that I can check your suitability for this kind of therapy. Therapy can be weekly or fortnightly, preferably weekly at first and you need to be willing to do homework. Some reading material may also be recommended.  Fees will be discussed during the initial phone or e-mail consultation which will be 30 minutes and is free of charge.


Tel: 01925 357228




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* Disclaimer: Please note that I am not medically qualified and that anyone requiring medical advice regarding a health condition should consult the appropriate health professional.


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"Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It solely relies on what you think"

Emotional Freedom Technique

Find out how tapping special points on your body while talking and thinking about your issues can transform your life, making it so much easier to handle situations that used to be a problem. Find that new freedom with this simple technique!

Words from clients:

"After seeing Jane in February and exploring some issues I was having around confidence and self belief, I was amazed at the effectiveness of EFT and that how by simply tapping various parts of your body, head, face, chin, hands, and saying certain phrases, you can bring up images and feelings and use this technique to release and overcome these hidden things that affect our behaviour.

I had an EFT Skype session today with Jane. Jane is amazing, she sees and feels what you are thinking, seeing and feeling and guides you on this process with the tapping and phrases. I feel so different already! I feel like I've been on a magical journey in my mind, felt old emotions pop to the surface and have tapped them away, and they've been healed.  ...  It was a truly enlightening session. Jane is such a lovely lady and really makes you feel at ease. I will be recommending Jane to everyone. She really understands how to help you. And she really does help you too." NH, Grimsby

 "Thank you so much for showing me how to tap during  our phone session. I was amazed how much better I felt afterwards"

DH, Cheshire

"I was so surprised how easy it was to lose weight. I didn't even have to think about it" GR. Cheshire

"It suddenly struck me how I wasn't getting anxious in certain situations. It was amazing!" CB, Cheshire