Coaching & Hypnotherapy in Warrington, Cheshire.

Skype sessions available.

Jane Reid, B.A. (Hons), D.A.H.Hyp. LHA (Reg. Hyp.), dip FLP, CACR.

I am a fully qualified therapist and can help you with stress, anxiety, overcoming unhe#lpful habits and emotions, confidence building, relaxation and motivation. Allow me to help you find your life purpose, deal with past issues, explore your future goals and work on your personal development. If you want to change aspects of your life and are willing to work with me, contact me for a chat today. I am located approximately five minutes from Ikea in Warrington. I can also work through Skype so please ask.

Find out how  my therapies can help you. Phone me on 01925 357228        or e-mail me with your enquiries.





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Focus on what you really need and go for it!

£60 for 90 minutes. buy six sessions, pay only for five.




 3- 6 sessions

Do you take on too much and then regret it? Do you have a strong sense of obligation to others. Are you overworked, stressed, anxious? Do you find it hard to sleep or relax? Too much going on in your mind? Are you tired but tense?



 6 sessions

Are you worried about what others think of you, are you nagged by self doubt, do you keep re-running things that have been said and done?  Do you find it hard to say no? Would you like to improve your image or feel better about yourself and how you come across to others? 



6 sessions

Do you want to do really well but are afraid of failure on the one hand and success on the other?  Do you procrastinate?  Do you get really nervous before a presentation or performance, worrying what others may think? Are you worried you may not reach your goals?



 6 sessions

Is there always something wrong with you? Do you suffer regular pain? Are some of your complaints a mystery? Are you afraid to go to the doctor or the doctor cannot help? Do you need to set yourself some goals to improve your wellbeing.  Do you feel you have allergies or intolerances but they are vague? Are you aware of the effect of stress on your body? Are you worried there is something seriously wrong with you and all the tests come out negative.



6 sessions plus book and homework

Do you need more money?  Do you tend to push money away from you?  Do you feel you could add more value to the world by doing what you enjoy but find it hard to get started.  Improve your prosperity consciousness through the law of attraction.



 6 sessions with weigh-in at each session

Do you find it impossible to lose weight and keep it off? Are you aware of the programmes you are running from childhood? Would you like to lose weight and feel good about your body?



2-6 sessions

Have you tried to stop smoking before and it has not worked? Or would you like to enjoy better health and have more money and let go of this anti social habit?



 6 sessions

Would you like to make more friends, invite love, become lovable?  Do you need to  boost your admiration factor?



6 - 10 sessions and follow up.

Are you filled with resentment, worry, negative thoughts?  Do you always look on the black side?  Would you like to trust and enjoy yourself again, free from unhelpful emotions?



6 sessions

Do you dwell on things that have happened in the past? Would you like to let them go and feel different?



1 - 3 sessions.

Explore the possibilities open to you, gain some insights and  connect with a better future. Perfect for all kinds of decision making.




Please contact me for an appointment and payment link for the above. Leave a message if I am unavailable and I will get back to you.


Tel: 01925 357228





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Cancellation policy - Please note that I am unable to fill your appointment if you make a late cancellation, plus I will have spent time preparing for your session. 24 hours notice is therefore required for cancellation. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice or do not attend your appointment, I can only refund 50% of your fee. 


* Disclaimer: Please note that I am not medically qualified and that anyone requiring medical advice regarding a health condition should consult the appropriate health professional.


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What do you really want in life?

Would you like to eliminate stress, boost confidence & self esteem, clarify goals, improve health & wellbeing, create abundance, release addictive habits, improve relationships, gain clarity and focus, let go of the past and be positive about your future?

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What my clients say

I feel like I am finally in control of my feelings and not the other way round"

JS, Cheshire

"I was so surprised how easy it was to lose weight. I didn't even have to think about it" GR. Cheshire

"It suddenly struck me how I wasn't getting anxious in certain situations. It was amazing!" CB, Cheshire