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Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy


Terms and conditions


1) All information given is confidential.

2) Payment for appointments should be made at least  24 hours before the appointment is due.  Preferred method is one week in advance.

3) Payment must be made in cash, through either bank transfer (preferred) or PayPal (this can be done through PayPal buttons on the site or a link e-mailed by me. PayPal buttons allow you to pay by a PayPal account or a debit or credit card) ). If payment is made by bank transfer, please message me to inform me when the payment has been made.

4) Any cancellations should be made, allowing at least 24 hours before the appointment is due. After that time, only half the fee can be refunded unless there is a genuine reason for missing the appointment.

 5) If six sessions are booked in advance and paid in advance in full, one free appointment will be included, ie: six sessions for the price of five.


Privacy Policy


I am a Hypnotherapist and Emotional Healing Coach

I collect personal information from my clients in order to work with them

The information I collect is:

1) Information given over the phone, should they make an enquiry. If they decide to come for therapy, this information will be added to their file to assist in the therapy. If they do not come for therapy, the information will be destroyed within one month.

2) Information via e-mail and on computer.  This information may contain appointment details. Information kept on documents will be encrypted.

2) Information gained via consultation and during therapy.

Names, addresses, contact details and other personal information required is given during the initial consultation or first appointment. All personal information is kept on file and locked away securely.  No other person has access to it. No personal information is shared with any other person and all therapy is confidential. Any information will be kept for a maximum of 7 years and thereafter destroyed. Information would only be shared with the relevant authority should there be genuine risk of danger to the client or another person if this is not shared.